Covid-19 Re-Opening & Safety Plan

Affiliate, external users and vendors must download and print the Harvard Clear Attestation Form before entering the building.


NIF Phase 2 Opening Imaging and Services

  • The Neurobiology Imaging Facility will open to Harvard and affiliates during Phase 2.
  • We expect to open our doors to all imaging and services June 22, 2020. The timing is an estimate. We may open earlier or later. Please check back for more information.

NIF Safety Plan

  • The NIF has moved equipment to meet physical distancing requirements established by the state. All autonomous users will be able to schedule and use imaging equipment once we have transitioned to Phase 2. Please check the room number on the schedule to find the correct location of equipment.
  • One person per imaging room is allowed. At no time shall more than one person be in a microscope room at the same time.
  • Training will begin on VS120, Leica SPE and BX63 microscopes as soon as we have received video conferencing cameras. New users and users interested in being trained must expect a delay in scheduling training and a longer training time. Leica STED and SPX8 training will not be available until further notice.
  • It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that eye protection be worn when looking into the eye piece of the microscope. Plastic barriers will be provided but nothing is better than a face shield or goggles.
  • Non-observance of safety and physical distancing rules must be reported to the facility director
  • Sample drop off and pick up will be on Monday and Tuesday mornings only in GB242


What to expect

Equipment usage

  • One person is allowed in each imaging room. At no time shall more than one person be in any imaging room at the same time.
  • In person troubleshooting, maintenance and service will not be available during your imaging sessions. There will be no in-person interactions with NIF staff at this time. If you are struggling with the system please contact us for webex troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance and service will be scheduled once per week. Serious issues will have to wait until that time to be addressed.
  • Each microscope will have a disinfection protocol posted in the room. Please adhere to proper disinfection protocols for all touch surfaces and use plastic barriers provided.
  • Users will be required to wear face masks and wear a fresh pair of gloves during their imaging sessions
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at every microscope station.
  • Users will not be permitted to bring backpacks, bags, extra clothing, etc. into the core
  • Users will not be permitted to enter a microscope room with a closed door

NIF Services

  • Sample drop off location is GB242.
  • Samples must be dropped off on MONDAY ONLY. Samples will be picked up on Tuesday only.
  • A sample drop off form must be attached to your sample box.
  • Your sample must be packaged so that it could sit on the table for 12+ hours (insulated, dry ice, etc.)
  • NIF will coordinate full service sample date/time for pick up in GB242


Social Distancing Measures

  • The facility will be open during HMS business hours (6a-10:30p)
  • Do not linger or wait next to the imaging rooms if someone is in there
  • You will be expected to change into a fresh pair of gloves upon entering the microscope room.
  • Limit each imaging room to 1 person
  • Users will be required to enter the core no earlier than the booked microscope start time, and to leave no later than the booked microscope end time. There will be no extending of time.
  • Users are required to close the door to their imaging room while they are imaging. The door shall remain open upon leaving
  • Full service sample users will have no physical contact with NIF staff