Disinfection Protocol for NIF Scopes

NIF Disinfection Protocol for Shared Equipment

Use Peridox spray bottle for all touch surfaces. Peridox will kill coronavirus in 3 minutes.

Use Ethanol on microscope equipment

  1. Keep your mask on in the microscope room
  2. We highly recommend using safety eye wear when using the microscopes
  3. Change to a fresh pair of gloves once you have entered the microscope room.
  4. Place a clean plastic barrier on computer and mouse
  5. Cut an appropriate size barrier piece for eyepieces
  6. Spray Peridox on desk surface and air table where you will be working
  7. Wet a kimwipe or paper towel with 80% ethanol and wipe on microscope focus knob, the outside of the eyepieces where your nose will be close to microscope and any power supply buttons
  8. Do not wipe the lens of the eye pieces with papertowel. If you must clean the glass use lens wipes
  9. Wait 5 minutes
  10. Wipe off any excess with a paper towel

Do not spray disinfectant directly onto the microscope or any electrical equipment.

Peridox is a 4% peroxide solution. If spilled onto your skin wash thoroughly for 5 minutes with soap and water.

Keep Peridox way from your eyes. Avoid breathing in mist.