In Situ Hybridization Services (RNA Scope)

We have launched out In Situ core! Plan to have your RNA Scope projects with us. Our core offers tissue slicing and mounting for fresh frozen or parafin embedded samples. Email us to set up your project qualification visit and let us finish the work.

Technician/Lab fees waived for NINDS Grant holders 

Consider using our whole slide scanners (or let us do it) to complete your project.

As a core we receive bulk discounts from ACD Bio. Please consider picking your dyes and allowing us to purchase.

Pricing is for up to 20 slides at a time (with 2 slides for control) as follows:

Standard Catalog Probe (ACD Bio): $18.75/slide

Positive and negative control (2 slides): $0

RNAscope® 2.5 HD Reagent Kit-RED (ACD Bio): $40/slide

RNAscope® Fluorescent Multiplex Reagent Kit (ACD Bio) : $53.13/slide

RNAscope® V2 surcharge Multiplex Reagent Kit (ACD) for parafin embedded: $6.70/slide

Set Up Fee for New Probes (ACD Bio) : $375

Sectioning : $185/hr

Technician labor and lab consumables: $1840

Technician labor and lab consumables(NINDS grant holder): $0

Determining Cost:

Your project will include the technician cost, kit and probes.

Add the cost of the technician with the kit cost and  the number of probes you plan to use/slide.

Example: 3 standard probe project with 8 previously mounted fresh frozen slides (non NINDS grant holder):

1840 Technician/lab consumables
3(8*18.75) Standard probes
(8*53.13) Kit

Total: $2415.04