The NIF is an
Open Access Microscopy and Tissue Core

servicing the Boston area (and beyond) for light microscopy and tissue processing

The Neurobiology Imaging Facility is a completely open access light microscopy and tissue core located within the Neurobiology Department.
Our mission is to advance research by providing services in optical imaging, tissue clearing, in situ hybridization as well as introduce new equipment and cutting technology to the basic science community. We provide expertise, equipment and services that are costly, time consuming and technically difficult. Our core ensures consistency and precision. We are also a teaching facility that strives to provide learning opportunities to researchers in the greater Boston area.



Phase 2 re-opening. All equipment except for Lightsheet is available for autonomous use.

The Lightsheet will be a full service system until the pandemic is over.

Please read our Safety Plan before you use any equipment or request services.

Available Equipment Starting Tuesday June 23:

VS120 #1 now in GB501C

VS120 #2 now in GB501E

FV1000 in GB256

BX63 in GB256

Leica SPE in GB501D


Zeiss COMBI Laser Capture/Microtweezers GB248


Clearing and In Situ Services will begin June 29th. Please coordinate with Mahmoud.

You can read our Disinfection Protocol here

You can find information regarding HMS Coronavirus Communications here




Can anything be more challenging than the Pan-Mass Challenge during a pandemic? Yes! Cancer. This year a NIF friend is up for the challenge. Her goal is to raise $5500 for cancer research.

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The NIF (in partnership with Thorlabs) is hosting an exciting seminar talk on 7/23 at 1pm about massive datasets & machine learning.

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