The Neurobiology Imaging Facility

in the Neurobiology Department of Harvard Medical School

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The NIF has a wide range of equipment available for use by the HMS community.

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Array Tomography

The array tomography core in the NIF is now accepting sample submissions!

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Each facility user needs to complete training to access the facility.

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  • Upcoming Seminar: Achieving Color Consistency

    Wednesday Feb. 26 @ 10am in GB229
    Light refreshments will be served
    Title:  Achieving color consistency in brightfield imaging
    Abstract:  Color brightfield imaging […]

  • New MMI Cell Cut Laser Capture Microscope

    The facility has a new Laser Capture Microscope available for use (Molecular Machines & Industries). Click HERE to learn more about it […]

  • Free AT Sample Processing

    The Array Tomography Core is offering FREE sample processing for any and all individuals interested in AT! Submitters will be […]

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