Volumetric Imaging (Serial 2P Tomography)

2 Photon Volumetric Imaging

  • Contact NIF staff for drop off instructions and sample expectations prior to sample dropoff
  • Prepare your sample for drop off in 4 degree outside Goldenson 243
  • Samples should be perfused with PFA for best results.
  • Please email NIF staff once you have dropped off your sample.   

The TissueCyte is a whole organ imaging system that employs Serial Two-Photon Tomography imaging modality that combines high speed multi-foci two-photon imaging with state-of-the-art tissue sectioning to allow ex vivo organs to be imaged in hours. 

This system can image using 2P technology at 2x, 5x, 10x and 25x with high NA.
Please fill out the Services Form and coordinate drop off with Mike Blanchard or Michelle Ocana
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