Education Materials


VS120 Whole Slide Scanning User Manual Slidescanner Manual , Slidescanner Manual PDF
Olympus FV1000 Confocal Microscope User Manual FV1000Training.ppt
SP8 STED User Manual Leica SP8X STED.pptx , STED-3X-Theory-STED Gated.pdf
SP8X Confocal User Manual Leica SP8X Confocal.pptx
LaVision UltraMicroscope Training Manual Lightsheet Manual v1 (pre-update) , Lightsheet Manual v2
Zeiss LCM Manual Zeiss LCM information
LaVision: Cleaning the Cuvette A clean cuvette can impact your image quality


STED Sample Preparation 2019 New sample prep protocol October 2019
ACD Bio Probes list ACD_RNAscope_Probe_List_Nov2017.xlsx
Laser Capture RNA Sample Preparation Zeiss-RNA-handling.pdf
Laser Capture DNA Sample Preparation ZEISS-DNA-handling.pdf
Zeiss Guide to Disinfecting Microscopes Microscope Disinfection Protocol


Fiji for Beginners Fiji for Beginners.pdf , Utriclewhole1.oib , Image1.oib
Fundamentals in Optics and Microscopy Seminar Series about optics and microscopy
Microscopy Showdown Seminar Series about optics and microscopy
Seeing is believing? A beginners’ guide to practical pitfalls in image acquisition A beginners’ guide to image acquisition
Summer 2019 Course - Optics in Microscopy Fundamentals of Optics in Microscopy , Scanning Microscopes , Widefield Microscopes