Education Materials


VS120 Whole Slide Scanning User Manual VS120 Whole Slide Scanner.pdf
Olympus FV1000 Confocal Microscope User Manual FV1000Training.ppt
SP8 STED User Manual Leica SP8X STED.pptx , STED-3X-Theory-STED Gated.pdf
SP8X Confocal User Manual Leica SP8X Confocal.pptx
LaVision UltraMicroscope Training Manual Light Sheet Manual.docx
Zeiss LCM Manual Zeiss LCM information
LaVision: Cleaning the Cuvette A clean cuvette can impact your image quality


STED Sample Preparation STED sample preparation is just as important as the imaging. Refractive Index is key. Please pay close attention to RI
ACD Bio Probes list ACD_RNAscope_Probe_List_Nov2017.xlsx
Laser Capture RNA Sample Preparation Zeiss-RNA-handling.pdf
Laser Capture DNA Sample Preparation ZEISS-DNA-handling.pdf


Fiji for Beginners Fiji for Beginners.pdf , Utriclewhole1.oib , Image1.oib
Fundamentals in Optics and Microscopy Seminar Series about optics and microscopy
Microscopy Showdown Seminar Series about optics and microscopy
Seeing is believing? A beginners’ guide to practical pitfalls in image acquisition A beginners’ guide to image acquisition
Summer 2019 Course - Optics in Microscopy Fundamentals of Optics in Microscopy , Scanning Microscopes , Widefield Microscopes