Tissue Clearing Service

The Neurobiology Imaging Facility provides following tissue clearing services. Please check with us if you are unsure which clearing protocol would work best for your samples.

Tissue Clearing Review: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0092867415008375

Tissue Clearning Protocols

Clearing an adult mouse brain with the X-CLARITY™_7-12-2017

Clearing a mouse bone with the X-CLARITY™_2-2-2017

The mouse brain clearing X-Clarity protocol can be used to clear many other tissue samples, e.g. heart, kidney, liver, spinal cord, and embryos, with minimal/no modification. Only the electrophoresis time/condition would be different, and that can be easily optimized.

The bone clearing X-Clarity protocol has an additional sample preparation step, i.e. de-calcification. There is no other major difference between the brain clearing protocol and the bone clearing protocol.

  • X-Clarity and iDISCO+ work best for innate stained or immunostaining of tissue.
  • X-Clarity is an aqueous-based technique that causes tissue expansion
  • iDisco is a solvent-based technique that causes tissue contraction
  • ECI (solvent-based technique) can clear bone in 2 hours but is not compatible with staining
  • Mounting media is required for the final stage of clearing and to match refractive index to the objective. Please consult with us if you are not sure which you should use.



Staining and embedding

Tissue Clearing
Internal $46 $332
External $52 $367
Commercial $103 $472
Mouse brain cleared with the X-CLARITY
Mouse brain cleared with the X-CLARITY
Mouse Brain Cleared with the X-CLARITY
Mouse brain cleared with the X-CLARITY