About The Core

The Neurobiology Imaging Facility is a completely open access light microscopy and tissue core located within the Neurobiology Department.
Our mission is to advance research by providing services in optical imaging, tissue clearing, in situ hybridization as well as introduce new equipment and cutting technology to the basic science community. We provide expertise, equipment and services that are costly, time consuming and technically difficult. Our core ensures consistency and precision. We are also a teaching facility that strives to provide learning opportunities to researchers in the greater Boston area.

We love challenges. Have an idea? Something new? Contact us to collaborate.

The Rules:

  • Users of open beam microscopes must attend the open beam laser safety course provided by Harvard University.
  • Users of enclosed beam systems must attend their institutions commercial (enclosed) laser safety course.
  • All users must attend training by a member of the facility staff on the equipment they wish to operate.
  • Users agree to cite the Neurobiology Imaging Facility in all publications in which our images or analysis software are used.