Whole Slide Scanning Services

Whole Slide Scanning service is available for histology and immuno labeled samples. Drop off your slide (in person or by mail). Our core will image the slides and mail your slides back to you. Your image files will be placed in DropBox or your company shared folder.

Slides can be scanned at 10x, 20x, or 40x with up to 5 fluorescent probes (DAPI(390nm)/GFP(488nm)/VENUS(515nm)/mCherry(560-594nm)/CY5(640nm)

Starting March 1, 2020 the new full service rates:

Internal Rate: $43/hr

External Rate: $48/hr

Commercial Rate: $55/hr



  1. Mounting many samples onto a single slide increases efficiency and decreases scanning time.
  2. Keep your samples straight. Tissue mounted in straight lines makes for more efficient scan times.
  3. Know your mounting media. Use fluorescent media (FluoroGold, Vector Shield, etc) for fluorescent samples and histology mounting media for histological samples. It makes a difference!

Images can be opened using ImageJ/Fiji using the Bioformats Importer Plugin or download Olympus Olyvia from Olympus slide scanning website.

The NIF has offline workstations with a lot of RAM for opening, manipulating and analyzing your data. It can be accessed via VPN. Contact us for more information.

There is also the Harvard Image and Data Analysis (IDAC) that can help you analyze your data.

Slide Scanning