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 Image Gallery


Purkinjie Cells captured on Olympus FV1000 confocal rendered with Imaris (workstation 2)

RNAscope control slide or DRG captured on Olympus FV1000 confocal

Skin section captured on Olympus VS120 whole slide scanner Bertagnolli lab, BWH

Fly brain montage captures on LeicaSP8X confocal

Hippocampal neuronal culture stained for three proteins: In blue: Map2,  In red: Synaptophysin, in green: ELKS1. Acquired on Leica SP8X confocal. Kaeser Lab, HMS

Lung stained with Alpha smooth muscle (purple) and lymphatics (green). Acquired on laVision Lighsheet. Fine Lab, Boston University

Mouse ear stained for immune cells (green) and vasculature(fire) captured on Olympus VS120 slide scanner. Chenghua Gu Lab, HMS

Lung tissue captured on Leica SP8X stained with Hoechst (blue) Cytochrome c (green) and mitotracker (red). Kristopher Sarosiek lab, HSPH