Tissue Clearing Workshop

Tissue clearing, Lightsheet Imaging, Workshop

Join the NIF for the first Tissue Clearing Workshop.

You will bring your tissue, learn about the active clearing technique by LifeScience Technologies then clear your sample and immunolabel it.

Itinerary is as follows:

12/4 9:30am: Overview of clearing and SmartClear 2 Pro operation training

12/7 9:30am: Check clearing progress and start 2nd sample set. Overview on lightsheet imaging.

12/11 9:30am: signup starts: Lightsheet imaging of your cleared samples. Learn to mount your samples for lightsheet imaging, trian on lightsheet and gather images of your samples.


Sign up online https://bit.ly/2PIgBKI to attend

Contact Luke Bogart luke.bogart@lifecanvastech.com with details about your sample and research goals.