Laptop and Learn: Fiji(ImageJ) for Beginners

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Fiji for Beginners

Have you heard of Image J (Fiji)?

Have you ever wondered how to you could use it?

Bring your laptop and learn the basics of ImageJ (Fiji)!


Where: Goldenson Building Room 229

When: December 7, 2018

           11am – 12pm

We will cover these basics:

Bio-formats Importer

Scale bars

Colors and colorizing a digital image

Preparing your image for analysis

Handling image stacks


Adjusting brightness and contrast

Analyzing particles

Removing background from your image

Binary Masks

Histograms: what are they and why should I care?



Bring a laptop to get the most out of this session. We will try to cover all of it and whatever we don’t get to we will cover in the next seminar.